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Our Day…………
Miss Jo was joined by Miss Naomi today and we had a lovely day with our friends Matthias’, Billy, Mia, Emily, Amber, Jairaj, Blaise, Michael, Asha and Lukas.
We began our day outside with lots of fun activities set up in the yard to encourage play and exploration.
Emily did some great balancing on the beam and demonstrated how well her eye-food coordination is. She was able to confidently climb over the A-Frame and then balance along the beam.
Mia brought out some stuffed toys from inside and lined them up on the bricks. With some help from Miss Jo, she then counted how many toys she had in the line.
Blaise and Lukas had fun playing in the mud kitchen. Miss Jo opened up the cupboards to show them where all the toys were hiding and then they got busy and began ‘cooking’.
Matthias was happy to have some quiet time on this own and he enjoyed sitting at the little table outside working on a puzzle.
Billy was intrigued with all the birds outside today. He found a bird walking on the grass and called out to Miss Jo, ‘bird walk bird walk’.
When we came indoors Miss Hiromi sat on the mat with Amber and Asha and read some books and sang some songs. They really enjoyed this quality bonding time with Miss Hiromi.
Jairaj was a little sad at drop off but after a cuddle with Miss Jo he was very eager to play with the toy cars on the mat.
Michael couldn’t wait to finish morning tea as he was excited to play and explore. He was very interested in drawing today and sat with Miss Naomi and did a pencil drawing.
We have all had a lovely day.
Miss Jo and Miss Naomi

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