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Our day…
We have had a happy day today with our beautiful toddler friends.

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We welcomed our new friend Emily to the classroom. Emily was very excited to see her friend Mia and the two girls enjoyed spending the day together. They happily chatted with one another as they decided what they should play with.

It was Lukas’ 2nd day and he needed some extra cuddles at drop off and enjoyed a big snuggle with Miss Jo. He enjoyed listening to Miss Jo singing as he sat on her lap.

Miss Des’ree sat on the mat to do a short group time experience with the children. Lukas, Mia, Emily, Asha and Billy all sat beautifully on the mat. Miss Des’ree sang lots of songs to encourage their involvement and develop their sense of belonging.
We sang:
• If your happy and you know it
• Mr Frog
• Galloomp
• Twinkle star
• Hop little bunny

There was an interest in the outdoors today so we followed up by bringing then outdoors inside!! We used leaves from a tree outside to paint with today. Asha was very eager to participate in this activity. She did a great job at painting all over her paper. Billy and Mia had fun getting paint everywhere!! Emily was a very tidy painter and Lukas was quite hesitant but did sit in Miss Jade’s lap and have a turn.

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Just a reminder that we have an orientation night this Friday night from 5pm – 6pm.
Thanks for a great day.
Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree