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Toddlers 1 Learning Story
Monday, February 7th, 2016
We have had a lovely day in the toddlers room with Matthias, Mia, Billy, Asha and our new friend Lukas joining us.
We began our day in the yard and Billy was very excited to see lots of trucks on the road as they worked on the street. Billy was very vocal with sharing his excitement and this encouraged some of the other children to join him in watching what was taking place on the street.
Asha did a wonderful job at drop off this morning. She was upset when mum left but stopped crying immediately and was eager to play and explore the yard. Asha showed interest in the musical instruments that were set up outside and the large plastic blocks that she was busy building with.
Lukas did a great job at drop off and was happy to play and explore as his mum left. Lukas has been a very quiet friend today but has been happy engaging in the different activities offered.
We all enjoyed a short group time experience before settling into our day. Miss Jo sang The Wheels On The Bus and Dingle Dangle Scarecrow using story books. Lukas was happiest to watch from afar but Asha, Billy, Matthias and Mia all sat on the mat as Miss Jo sang along to the stories. Miss Jo then sang our Good Morning Song which the toddlers clapped along to before we transitioned to the bathroom. The toddlers all did a great job listening for their name before heading to the bathroom to wash their hands for morning tea.
Mia and Matthias enjoyed having a little dance after morning tea. Miss Jo put some music on and Rock a bye bear came on – as soon as Mia heard this she got up and began to dance and do the actions. Matthias stayed seated in his chair as he did the actions to the song!!
Today we are celebrating Chinese New Year and Miss Des’ree organized a painting activity to do with the children. Using red paint the toddlers were encouraged to cottonbud paint onto yellow paper. Miss Des’ree will turn the painted pieces of paper into Chinese Lanterns a little later on in the day!!

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