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Our day

What a lovely day we have had with our friends Billy, Mia, Chloe, Lucas, Hollie, Matthias, Lukas, Sienna, Dylan and Arden.

Our morning started with a lovely big play in the toddler yard. There was an obstacle course set up to encourage climbing and balancing and Sienna showed a lot of interest in this. Billy was excited to see a crow on the fence during his time outside. Hollie found some baby dolls to play with and was busy feeding them with the home corner equipment. Miss Jo also put some dance music on and Matthias, Lukas and Chloe enjoyed having a little dance to start their day!!

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During our group time experience we used puppets and stories to engage the children. The toddlers were all very engaged in the singing with the puppets. We sang:
• Two little yellow birds
• Baa baa black sheep
• 3 red apples
• How does a caterpillar go
• 3 green speckled frogs

Miss Jo took Chloe, Mia and Arden outside to check out the vegie patch and to see what was growing. Miss Jo showed the children the large zucchini’s that were growing and we picked one carefully and brought it inside to show all the toddlers.

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We used the zucchini that we picked from the garden for our art activity today. Miss Jo cut the zucchini up so that the toddlers could see what it looked like inside. We then put some paint on the end of the zucchini and the children were encouraged to decorate a white piece of paper. Lukas, Lucas, Matthias, Hollie, Mia, Dylan, Chloe and Sienna enjoyed manipulating the zucchini in different ways to create unique patterns on their paper.

Miss Des’ree and Miss Jo took the toddlers out to the big yard in little groups for a play. The toddlers really enjoyed playing on the swing and exploring the yard by running!! The most popular feature seemed to be the hill that the toddlers enjoyed climbing up and then sliding down on their bottoms!!

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Thanks for an awesome day toddlers!!!
Miss Jo & Miss Des’ree