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December 12, 2019 Toddlers 1 No Comments

Hello and welcome to Happy Thursday as we are getting very excited as Christmas is so close. Another warm start to the day so more water play. Murray tipped a bucket over himself to keep cool and Toby really enjoyed being so wet. Mark laughed as Miss Elizabeth played with him with the water and sprinkling water over him to keep him cool. Mark really enjoyed this experience. Jasmine enjoyed running around the garden being chased and went to the climbing frames with friends Emily, Lola, Termeh and Toranj. Zavier had fun with the drill and spent some time in the sand pit. Apollon was happy to find a bike and go for a spin around the garden. We listened to some Christmas music as we arrived this morning.

After morning tea Zavier, Lola, Toby and Apollon went to gymnastics. Miss Rowena set up the play dough with some Feather and there were some amazing creations made. Toddler 1 room we are so proud of you as you are the artists of tomorrow. The prams and dolls were very popular with more role playing taking baby for a walk. Miss Bea came in before lunch as we were ready for Run Run Rudolph song as we raced to the airport to catch the plane. Scene from Home Alone movie!!!! A Christmas movie not to be missed. Stories today were Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we talked about Bunnings when the baby bears chair got broken to buy some wood to fix it.  The children called out “me “when I asked if they went to Bunnings!!!! We also looked at the Swimming book and we talked about swimming lessons. Fish in a Dish was another favourite story. Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO


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