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Hello and welcome to Happy Thursday as all enjoyed a wonderful day in the toddler 1 room. Out on the table we had Lazar, Saxon, Daisy and Ocean all enjoyed some Christmas drawing at the table. Max had fun as he and Samuel explored the garden and Samuel enjoyed pushing the lawn mower around going very fast look out !!!!!. Saxon, Max and Lazar were excited when they saw Miss Kim and Miss Kate as they knew it was time for Tumble Tots. Zoe arrived in her new flashing shoes with Spotty and we all loved looking at the photos of their adventures together. Thank you for taking such good care of him, especially the visit to the vet and then the playground. Next visit will be Millie.

Before morning tea we came in for some Crazy Frog Christmas dancing to Jingle Bells. Everyone just did some really groovy moves and Miss Larrisa joined us. Please enjoy the photos today as we all had a wonderful time. After morning tea Miss Rowena had got the Christmas baubles ready for Ocean, Lazar, Daisy, Zoe. Using pom poms and feathers and tinsel to as they use their imagination, eye hand co ordination and fine motor skills. On the little table we had set up brown paper bags with little cake papers with glue and Saxon, Leila, Max, Ocean, Daisy, Tianna, Samuel, Lazar and Zoe all made their own little Christmas trees. Jules had fun with the people on the bus activity.

Before lunch we had our Santa Koala rehearsal and sang our songs for the party. We are really all doing a great job. To finish the morning with our toddler 2 friends we had fun with the Christmas musical toys and all enjoyed our yummy sandwiches for lunch. Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXOXOXOXOXXOOX The invitation and words to the songs are in your bags today for the children who were not here yesterday, thank you oxoxoxoxxo