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Our day in Toddlers 1 –
The children enjoyed a lovely play outside with Mr Lachie.
When it started to rain we came inside for some yummy morning tea!
Thank you to Charlotte for bringing in your special book and finger puppets to tell the story of ‘Little red riding hood’.
Miss Sue read some new books at group time called “Hippo is happy”, ‘Sheep is scared’ and ‘squirrel is sad’. We also listened to a cool new animal book called ‘Animal rocks’ it came with a CD to listen to as well.
Wow during play time we had lots of doctors taking care of Miss Thea! Thank you to Liam, Emilia, Charlotte, Harrison and Parker! Miss Thea got wrapped in blankets, got all the soft toys, wrapped in bandages and even had lots of needles! Ouch.
We also continued our Halloween decorations, we made skeleton hands using white paint and black paper.
Sahara, Nevaeh and Poppy enjoyed playing with the building blocks and laughing when they fell.
Blaze and Liam liked to collect all the cars and put them in a line next to each other. Great sharing!
Very lovely day today!

We are also having our Toddlers Halloween party!
When: Tuesday 31st of October 2017, 4pm to 5pm
Where: In the toddler’s yard
Please bring your own food to share as we will have activities, DJ Lachie and drinks available.

Enjoy the photos!
Love Miss Sue and Miss Thea

Written by elctoddlers1

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