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Our day…
Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree were joined by Samar, Chloe, Billy, Hollie, Arden, Dylan, Sienna, Lukas and Matthias’ today! It was a rainy start to our day so we were indoors for most of the morning but then we were all very excited to see the sun come out mid-morning.

Billy suggested we read some stories first thing this morning and Matthias, Hollie, Sienna, Dylan, Samar, Lukas and his Mummy joined us for some stories on the floor in the classroom. We all sat beautifully and really enjoyed the stories. Our concentration is improving so fast with most of the toddlers being able to sit for a group time experience sometimes lasting more than 10 minutes.

Miss Denise, our lovely chef, made some very yummy biscuits for morning tea with berries in them. These were very popular and the toddlers asked for more and more!! Great eating today with our healthy and organic food.

For activity time we decided to do indoor and outdoor play. Most of the toddlers ventured outside to explore, Samar, Chloe, Lukas and Hollie love the lawn mowers and moved about the yard maneuvering them back and forth. Billy and Arden ran around trying to chase one another then challenged themselves on the climbing frame. Well done! Sienna really enjoyed the new mud kitchen opening the draw and looking through the shelves. Dylan was a busy boy running away from Miss Des’ree !

Miss Jo has been teaching the toddlers a new song called “slippery fish”, the toddler’s loved this new song and enjoyed re-enacting the underwater creatures. To extend on this Miss Des’ree made paper plate fish with the toddlers Sienna, Matthais and Hollie loved this messy activity !

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