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Hello and welcome to Happy Thursday as we were all smiles to see Miss Rowena back with us today. The children enjoyed cuddles with Miss Rowena as they had missed her. Samuel and George enjoyed time together with the animals on the farm. Lazar and Saxon went to Tumble tots. At morning tea Miss Aimee joined us and everyone enjoyed their beans and bread. Miss Aimee sat with Zoe, Ocean, Daisy, Samuel and Lazar who all had fun making their black spider hand prints.

Miss Bianca very kindly gave us a wooden tool piece of furniture and soon there were lots of banging pretending to drill and saw the wood. Lazar, Saxon, George, Jules and Max had become Bob the Builder and Zoe, Ocean and Daisy had become a Wendy. To extend on interest we sang Bob the Builder. We had also found some more tools.

On the mat Samuel, Tianna, Leila, Jules and Max shared an interest with the wooden transport toys and George had built an amazing train track that we used with Thomas the tank engine making his journey. Miss Rowena put some music on as we did Hop Little Bunnies and listened to Hush Little Possum. We sang along to the words as we looked at the beautiful pictures everyone sat so well and we read it again. Well done toddlers great listening and we are so proud of the way that you all love stories.

Daisy will be taking Spotty home next and as we read Can’t you sleep Dotty Saxon will be borrowing this story to extend on this interest. Spotty hand puppet also came for a visit and everyone told him their name as they had a cuddle. Yummy fried rice for lunch and everyone wanted more. Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue, Miss Rowena and Miss Amiee OXXOXOXOXOXOXOXO