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Our day…

The toddlers are very lucky and happy to have a mirror on our new and exciting tunnel in the toddler’s room. Today Samar and Sienna were having a great time looking at their beautiful reflections and giggling.

Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy set up two arts and crafts tables during activity time for the children to pick from. Lukas, Sienna, Mia and Joseph were excited about the Octopus art while Matthias, Chloe, Billy and Samar were enthusiastic about the seashells!

The toddler’s have been loving the under the sea themed sensory boxes so today Miss Amy was asking her friends Joseph, Chloe and Lukas to show her where the fish go? Do they go in the sand or in the sea? Each friend took turns picking up the fish and placing them into the water. Billy and Mia loved playing with the wales from the sensory box they both picked one up and sang the slippey fish song on their own they sung “humongous wale, humongous wale swimming in the water – Gulp- Gulp-Gulp – Oh NO!” well done Billy and Mia!

Miss Des’ree kindly made the children a CD of all their favourite songs. She put this on for them during group time and Matthias, Billy, Samar, Mia and Chloe all ran onto the dancefloor to show us their cool moves – what great dancing toddler’s!

Over all its been a wonderful day in the toddlers room

Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy-jo


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