May 16, 2019 Toddlers 1 No Comments

Hello and Welcome to Happy Thursday as we all enjoyed our morning outdoors. After Harvey and Ashton had waved to their mum they enjoyed digging in the sand pit. Jasmine and Lola had fun on the red bikes. Murray and Toby were explores on the climbing frames. Termeh and Toranj loved the red car and were happy as they went riding along the path. Zavier and Emily also spent time in the sand pit. Miss Rowena is away today and Miss Tahlia joined us. At our sing a long we looked up at the sky and watched for planes as we were pretending to be in an areoplane. After morning tea we invited our Jack in the boxes to our group time. More fun with Marshall from paws patrol and Incy Wency spider who jumped onto the children’s heads. Gymnastics for Zavier, Lola, Ashton and Harvey. Miss Kim took some amazing photos and we sang Happy Birthday to Miss Bea who has a birthday tomorrow.

At the table we had put paper and crayons and the pot pouri that Termeh showed interest with. Jasmine sat in the baby’s bed and spent time with the dolls. Everyone went over to the new garage when it was put on the floor it is very popular with all the children. We danced to Michael Buble again today and went Disco with Echo beach!!!!!! Before lunch we read Where are you Hungry caterpillar and Wake up hungry caterpillar. Then we all ate our yummy Mexican food as we got ready for a lovely sleep. Please join us in the Evandale park on Saturday for a special morning of literacy and language. Details on the doors 930 -1130. Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue and Miss Tahlia OXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXXOO


Written by elctoddlers2