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Our day…

A wonderful day in the toddler’s room with our friends Mia, Hollie, Billy, Lukas, Chloe, Sienna, Lucas, Dylan, Arden and Matthias.

We enjoyed a big play in the yard with toddler’s 2 and had fun chasing the bubbles around the yard, building with the wooden blocks and climbing on the climbing equipment. Mia and Hollie enjoyed chasing the bubbles around the yard. Sienna did some great climbing. Lukas sat with Miss Jo and some of the older children building with the wooden blocks.

While outside this morning Miss Jo found a beautiful feather on the ground. It had lovely blue dots all over it and Miss Jo thought the toddlers would find it interesting. During group time Miss Jo showed the feather to the children and asked them, ‘Where do you think this feather came from?’ Arden called out ‘bee’. Miss Jo explained that it probably fell off a bird!!

Hollie was a wonderful helper after morning tea and cleaned the tables for Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree with a cloth. She was very proud of the job she was doing!!

Today we celebrated St Patrick’s Day with some green painting on images of Shamrocks!!! We used cottonbuds to encourage fine motor development and Mia, Dylan, Hollie, Lukas, Lucas and Matthias all participated in this activity.

IMG_8923 IMG_8921

An enjoyable day of singing, dancing and lots of socialization amongst the children.

IMG_8926 IMG_8922 IMG_8920 IMG_8907 IMG_8905 IMG_8904

Miss Des’ree and Miss Jo