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Our day…

Our toddler friends have kept us very busy today!

Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree both arrived at 9am today and settled our kindy friends with some singing on the mat. We used the amygdala bottles that Miss Des’ree had made to settle our friends who were a little sad. Miss Jo shook the bottle and the toddlers watched in amazement as the glitter floated in the water. Miss Jo sang Twinkle Star as we watched the glitter floating.

We then used our popular finger puppets to sing some songs. Mia requested ‘spider’ (incy wincy), ‘bees’ (here is the beehive) and ‘birdies’ (two little yellow birds). Chloe, Jayden, Arden, Matthias, Hollie, Mia, Billy, Lucas and Dylan all enjoyed listening to the singing and watching the puppet show!!

After morning tea we put some fun music on for the children to dance to. Mia and Hollie held hands as they danced around the classroom. Arden, Chloe, Matthias and Billy also danced around room. There was lots of laughing, smiles and giggles!!

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Dress ups were popular today as Miss Jo put on a special hat which she shared with Mia. Arden found a fancy red hat that he wore around the classroom during the whole of activity time.

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Miss Des’ree sat at a table and organized a painting activity for the toddler. She covered some blocks with bubble wrap and encouraged the children to paint imprints onto white paper. Chloe, Mia, Dylan enjoyed participating in this activity.

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Just a reminder that we have an orientation night this Friday night from 5pm – 6pm.

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Thanks for a great day.
Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree