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Our day…
We have had an enjoyable day in the toddlers room with Chloe, Matthias, Mia, Arden, Lukas, Dylan, Samar, Hollie and Sienna.
We began our day outside in the yard and the toddlers had fun exploring all the different activities that were offered. Dylan enjoyed riding on the little caterpillar bikes. Sienna was hiding in the tunnel and calling out to Miss Jo ‘boo’. Matthias and Samar were interested in the puzzles on the table. A fun play outside.
We then ventured indoors and enjoyed a group time experience on the circle mat. We read a repetitious story called, ‘Peek A Boo’ which encouraged the children to participate in the telling of the story. Arden, Hollie, Matthias, Mia, Dylan and Chloe did a great job at remembering the words of the story and helping Miss Jo.
We also enjoyed some singing with the puppets – this is a request on a daily basis and the children get very excited to sing along with the puppets. We sang:
• Incy Wincy Spider
• The Wiggly Worm
• I went to visit a farm one day
• 2 fat sausages
Sienna had an interest in letters today so we followed up on this by encouraging the children to paint the first letter of their names. Miss Jo drew each child’s first initial and as she did this she showed it to the child and explained, for eg. ‘A is for Arden’. This activity was enjoyed by most of the children and they did a great job at waiting for their turn.
Miss Jo noticed that Sienna and Arden were very interested in crawling in the tunnel and under the table today so we made a long tunnel using our two classroom tables. Miss Jo crawled under the tables and was joined by Samar, Hollie, Arden, Mia, Chloe, Lukas, Matthias, Arden and Dylan. While under the tables we sang lots of songs. Chloe was very excited to be under the tables and kept saying to Miss Jo, ‘hiding, hiding’.
A fun day!

Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree

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