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Hello and welcome to Happy Thursday with the toddler 1 room. This morning we met Iron Man Saxon who was enjoying some snacks before going to Tumble tots. Samuel became Little Peter Rabbit and we all loved listening to your favourite story called A Tale of Peter Rabbit that Miss Rowena read  and then we sang Little Peter Rabbit Had a Fly Upon His Nose song. Please enjoy the photos. We had a pink Baby Shark arrive and yes it was Tianna and Miss Rowena played the Baby Shark music while we sang and danced. Thank you all for being part of our special day. We all enjoyed yummy beans and bread for morning tea and then it was time for some exploring and discoveries.

At the table the baby changing activity with dressing the dolls Zoe, Jules, Daisy and Leila enjoyed this experience and Zoe fed her baby with the bottle. Meanwhile on the mat Saxon with Lazar were pretending to feed the dinosaur with the baby bottle. Saxon then took the dinosaur into the tent and Samuel joined him and made cups of tea for the dinosaur. Tianna had been making herself a cup of tea before she went over to the baby changing table.

Miss Rowena had got the white paint ready for the ghost foot prints that Lazar and Zoe were excited to do. Then putting on the eyes to finish them. Miss Rowena read other stories before we had some drawing and bike races on the veranda before lunch. They were A Particular Cow and Night and Day Monkey. To extend on interest she sang 5 Cheeky Monkeys. Everyone enjoyed their yummy fried rice with salads. Very cosy today as we slept with our little Halloween lights on. We had been watching the rain today and looking at where the birds may go when it rains.

Thank you to Leila’s family who brought in the Naidoc week poster for the 8th – 12th November we will be looking forward to some activities that week. NEXT THURSDAY WE ARE HAVING SAUSAGES FOR LUNCH OUR OWN HALLOWEEN BBQ!!! This is part of a big week of Halloween fun with the toddlers. Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXXOOXXOOXXOXOXOXOOX