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Our day…
What a great day to end our week before the Easter Long Weekend. Our friends Matthias, Billy, Zyanna, Sienna, Mia, Arden, Dylan, Chloe, Lucas and Lukas joined us today! We have all been happy and cheerful and have enjoyed having Mr Lachie in the classroom today too.
Billy has given Mr Lachie a wonderful pet name and every time he sees him he calls out ‘rah’. So we have called Mr Lachie ‘rah’ today!!
Zyanna from the babies room joined us for a play today. She has had a wonderful day and has enjoyed exploring the toddlers classroom. She was very much into lining up all her toys throughout the day. She did this with some baby doll’s and lined them up on the mat. She then lined up the toy cars too!!
Dylan and Matthias have had a lovely day playing together. They decided to use the peg boards as hats and placed them on their heads and then giggled at each other. They were also quiet affectionate with one another and gave each other a kiss too!!
Lukas has had an especially happy day and was eager to join his friends Chloe, Sienna, Mia and Lucas at the painting table. Lukas was also interested in drawing with Miss Jo’s pen so Miss Jo brought out the pencils for him to draw with.
Today we are celebrating Arden’s 2nd Birthday!! Arden was very excited to bring in some cupcakes for his friends and was eager to eat them.
Thanks for a fun day Toddlers.
We wish all our wonderful families a Happy Easter!! Hope the Easter Bunny hops to your home.
Miss Jo and Mr Lachie

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