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Our day…
We have had quite a busy day today with our friends Matthias, Lucas, Lukas, Amber, Chloe, Mia, Hollie, Billie, Arden, Dylan and Jayden.

We had some sad friends today so we tried to make our meal time experiences enjoyable and a little different. Miss Jo transitioned the children from group time to morning tea by singing a naming song. As the children heard their name they were encouraged to give Miss Jo a High Five then find their drink bottle at the table. At lunch time Miss Des’ree set up the tables and chairs outside on the veranda for some alfresco dining. The children found this to be a real treat and sat well outside as they ate their healthy lunch.

During activity time Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree divided the class into two groups and we had a visit in the big sandpit yard. Miss Jo assisted Mia and Hollie onto the swing outside and Lucas climbed onto the swing too, independently. Arden then approached his friends on the swing and proceeded to push it for them. Miss Jo commented to him, ‘What a great job you are doing helping your friends’. Arden was very proud of his efforts.

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Amber and Dylan were very intrigued with the vegetable garden in the big yard. During their play outside they assisted Miss Des’ree in watering the vegie patch. Miss Des’ree fostered their interest by showing them the growing zuchini’s in the garden.

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