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Today in Toddlers 1 we started our day playing outside with our friends from Toddlers 2 which was lovely because it was nice and warm and sunny. Everyone took turns visiting the mud kitchen corner which Arden, Hollie and Matthias especially enjoyed as they took turns with the kettle and pretending to pour water into the pots. Chloe and Dylan were enjoying sitting on the outdoor blanket with Miss Amy racing the car dinosaurs up and down the pillow which Samar saw and ran over to join in and was using her legs as a race track for the cars.

We then went inside and had group time on the mat with Miss Des’ree, everyone joined in singing as they watched the characters to the songs being placed on the felt board, Mia particularly enjoyed humpty dumpty and clapped along to this. The toddlers are getting very good at distinugushing emotions such as happy, sad and angry; today with the toddlers we showed each other our happy facing smiling and laughing, for our sad face the toddlers pretended to cry and for our angry face all the toddlers frowned great job!

Magnets are the new favourite toy in the toddlers room. Matthais and Arden just loved using the magnets watching the cause, effect and motions of the magnets. Today Miss Des’ree placed some threading on the mat for the toddlers to explore. Hollie, Sienna, Lukas and Michael all had a turn at threading the beads through the string. It was a bit trick but they all did their best and were happy with their result.

Over all we had a fantastic day!