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Our day ..

Miss Des’ree did a small group time this morning after out play outside the toddlers once again engaged in the song “the famer in the dell”. Billy, Mia and Matthias demonstrated great listening and participation by finishing the end of the rhyming song. The toddlers are beginning to understand words that rhyme. What clever toddlers!

For activity time Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy decided to do indoor and outdoor activities. Inside Miss Amy prepared a dinosaur art activity for the toddlers to explore using the left over paint from reconciliation week. Lukas was watching Matthias painting and decided to join, he started painted with red and observed as Matthias put the orange paint brush back in the orange container so he then put the red paint brush in the orange container then realized it was in the wrong container and proceeded to fix this by taking the red paint brush out and sticking it back in the red container.

Outside Joseph was having difficulty opening the tepee hut so Miss Amy went over to help him but he managed to quickly do it just as she got there so Miss Amy clapped and Joseph recognized his achievement and smiled and clapped too.  Utilizing the deck area we set up a sandpit kitchen as well as a dinosaur feeding ground.

While Mia was inside she observed Miss Des’ree putting the ice pack on Arden and decided she wanted to hold it and help, she sat with Arden for ten minutes until he felt all better Mia explained to her teachers “ I’m a doctor!”.

Billy was very affectionate today and gave his friend Samar a big kiss and cuddle during group time while we sang ‘If you are happy and you know it’. Samar was very happy and it was clear to see they have a very happy and trusting friendship.

Miss Amy did a group time where she had all friends hold hands and sing ‘Row row row your boat’ all the children rocked back and forth together and sang. We then asked each child to point out their head, eyes and mouth before transitioning to the table for lunch.

Over all we have had a wonderful day in the toddlers room

Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy-jo



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