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Our day…
Matthias, Lukas, Dylan, Billy, Mia, Hollie and Arden have all enjoyed us for a happy day of cooperative play.

We were all very excited to see some new toys arrive today. Billy, Mia and Matthias were eager to try out the new toy lawn mowers. Billy tried his best to multi-task and was riding around one of the bikes while pushing a lawn mower!!
Dylan and Hollie joined Miss Jo on the veranda where we sat at the table playing with the different toy animals. Miss Jo tried to think of a different song to sing for each of the animals.

DSC00060 DSC00061 DSC00063 DSC00064
The toddlers were given lots of problem solving opportunities throughout activity time today. We had stacking toys for working on size and ordering and shape sorters to work on colour and shape recognition.
Matthias and Arden showed interest in the new stacking toys. Arden was excited to see the new box of toys and Matthias did great job at concentrating and stacking the blocks correctly on top of each other.
Lukas, Mia and Hollie worked on the shape sorters and did a great job at placing the shapes in the correct spots with little help.

DSC00065 DSC00067 DSC00068 DSC00069 DSC00075

Hollie was very proud of the ‘snake’ she had created using the circular blocks. She was able to join a few together before proudly showing Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree her ‘snake’. Hollie then requested that she wanted to show her ‘mummy’ so we placed the snake in a special spot to show Mummy later.

Miss Des’ree organized a table top easel painting opportunity for the toddlers during activity time too. Mia, Hollie, Matthias and Billy all spent time at the easel working on their masterpieces!!

DSC00084 DSC00081 DSC00076 DSC00078
Arden showed interest in the camera today and Miss Jo fostered this interest by getting him to take some photos of his friends playing. Arden enjoyed being able to do this.
A very happy and productive day in the toddlers room
Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree