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What a lovely day we have had in Toddlers 1 today. Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree were joined by Arden, Matthias, Lukas, Dylan, Samar, Sienna, Hollie, Billy and Mia.
We began our day with lots of stories at group time with Miss Des’ree. The toddlers have been asking for ‘books’ on a daily basis. Their attention span has improved immensely and we are able to read quite a few books and keep everybody intrigued and interested. Our favourite stories at the moment are Row Your Boat and Peppa Pig!
Some of the children followed up on their interest in stories at group time and sat around the classroom during activity time looking at some of our special books. Dylan enjoyed some solitary time in book corner reading some stories and lounging on the cushions. Billy and Sienna shared some books during activity time too naming all the different things they could see in the books.
Miss Jo organised a painting activity using cotton balls attached to pegs. This activity encouraged the development of fine motor skills and Samar, Hollie, Billy, Matthias, Mia, Sienna and Lukas all enjoyed participating in this activity. The toddlers did a great job at waiting for their turn and being creative as they decorated their paper.
After activity time Miss Jo asked the toddlers if they would like to do some dancing. Arden, Sienna, Hollie, Mia, Matthias and Samar were all very eager to dance with Miss Jo. She skipped around the room and did some dancing to High Five. Lukas joined in for a little while with Miss Jo’s encouragement. Miss Jo then put ‘Who Let The Dog’s Out’ on and Matthias began to sing along and got very excited!! We had lots of fun dancing!!
Thanks for a great day Toddlers.
Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree

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