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Hello and welcome to Happy Thursday as we were ready for some more adventures with our friends in the toddler 1 room. Saxon, Max and Lazar went to Tumble tots this morning with Miss Kim and Miss Kate. After morning tea Miss Rowena had set up the ingredients for making some Christmas play dough and the children chose Green. Please enjoy the photos with Saxon who also got the water to pour into the flour, Samuel, Tianna, Max, Zoe, Daisy, Ocean, George, Jules, Leila and Lazar were all involved with the measuring and stirring. This is a wonderful experience as we are learning about maths and science as we observe color change.

Miss Rowena asked who would like rolling pins and shape cutters. Then the sprinkles were added and this was very popular with everyone. Yummy !!!!!!! Our camping area is still very busy with the BBQ a much loved item of furniture. When we had packed away our activities we danced to some Aboriginal sounds and pretended we were Australian animals. Everyone sat so well as they watched The Billy Goats and Troll felt story and using the sheep for naming colors and counting. More fun with the pumpkin felts and the Pirate monkey with Miss Polly. The Five little Ducks that are magnets were also interesting for the children as we have not used them before. Well done toddlers great listening.

Just before we enjoyed our sandwiches Samuel shared his Spotty adventures with us. We all loved your photos especially all the yummy food he ate with you. Thank you for giving him lot’s of love and fun with your family. Zoe will be taking him next. Thank you everyone for a lovely day with love from Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXOXOXXOXO There is another photo book that has a black cover which has last week with the toddler 1 room on the big table outside the reception. It has lot’s of our Halloween fun activities. Thank you for being part of this fun week. Next week we are celebrating Naidoc week and also getting ready for Christmas which is a Magical time of year.

Parent invitations are in the foyer thank you. Please choose your options. Tuesday 24th November 330 -500. There will also be special invitations for our Christmas party Thursday 3rd December 330 -430 with all our love Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXOXOXXOXOOX