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Our day…

Miss Thea and Miss Des’ree have had a very relaxing day with the toddlers! Out in the yard Mia offered Lukas a toy chicken, Lukas took it and squeezed the chicken and the toddlers both smiled at each other. Good playing!  The yard was set up beautifully this morning  to help the children explore and expand on their interests. Sienna and Mia loved exploring the balancing beams in the yard this morning they used their gross motor skills to climb and orientate themselves on the obstacle course

After a big play outside we started the morning with group time songs Miss Des’ree asked the toddler what songs they were interested in singing, Mia said “Incy wincy” Matthais suggested “rosy apples” then Mia also offered “ humpty dumpty”. To encourage the toddlers to count Miss Des’ree sang:

–          3 rosy apples

–          5 humpty dumpty’s

–          3 jelly fish

Hollie, Mia, Matthias and Sienna did a really good job at counting with Miss Des’ree. Well done toddlers!

Miss Thea and Miss Des’ree did two activities during activity time to split the room, Playdough and painting were the interests for the day. Miss Des’ree asked the class what they wanted to paint with, Sienna said she wanted “pink!, Miss Thea covered the table with paper and got pink and orange colours for the toddlers to explore. Using the circle pegs the toddlers stamped and painted the table in beautiful colours. Well done!  Miss Des’ree found some playdough and expanded on the activity by adding their favorite shape sorters to the playdough, they loved the sensory activity and cutting the playdough into different shapes. Sienna, Arden and Matthais made snakes and hissssssed with the pink dough.

All in all Miss Thea and Miss Des’ree have had a fantastic day!

Thank-you Toddlers!