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Our day…
We have had an enjoyable day in the Toddler’s room with our beautiful friends Jayden, Dylan, Matthias, Arden, Chloe, Hollie and Mia.

We started our day singing songs with our puppets and encouraging our friends to use their hands to do the actions to some familiar songs. Dylan and Hollie did a wonderful job at doing the actions to ‘If Your Happy and You Know It’ and Hollie used her loud voice to call out ‘hooray!’

We all had our dancing shoes on this morning too. Miss Jo danced around the room to the Wiggles and Mia, Matthias, Hollie, Arden and Dylan laughed at her and then joined in. Chloe and Jayden watched with interest and seeing a silly Miss Jo settled them.

Activity time was spent exploring and investigating. Dylan and Arden spent time playing with the garbage trucks. Arden opened the truck up and found his drink bottle that had been hiding in there!!. Dylan opened his truck up and began filling it up with toys. He spent quite a lot of time doing this. Pushing it along the mat and stopping occasionally to put toys in.

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Mia, Jayden, Chloe and Hollie were intrigued with the peggy boards. Jayden and Chloe sat with Miss Jo as she passed them pegs to place on the board. Miss Jo named each colour as they placed them on the board. Mia and Hollie have become little buddies and sat on the mat building with the pegs together. They were able to hold the pegs and attach more on top by balancing them!

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Miss Des’ree organized a painting activity for Valentine’s Day, encouraging the children to make heart shaped flowers with their hand prints! Matthias, Chloe, Hollie and Mia were very excited to participate in this activity.
A lovely day enjoyed by all.

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