August 13, 2019 Toddlers 1 No Comments

Hello and Welcome to Happy Tuesday at the hills as we begin some new adventures. As the winter sun shone down on the children who kept busy keeping warm as it was another chilly start to the day. Miss Rowena had set up the tea set with the teddy bears for a picnic. Jordie enjoyed using the tea pot as she made a cup of tea. Warren, Elijah, Jonty and Noah were all happy as they went for spins on the bikes. Mark enjoyed playing with the bucket with little rocks in and listening to the sounds. Abbi enjoyed listening to Spot stories with Miss Rowena and then playing with the tea set on the fort. Kai was happy as he explored the outdoors spending time in the sand pit. Leon was very happy as he enjoyed some last cuddles with Spotty dog. We all enjoyed reading along with your story and looking at the photos. Especially with your own dog .

Please enjoy the photos. After morning tea Noah, Jonty, Jordie and Abbi all went to gymnastics. Warren, Leon , Mark and Kai all enjoyed making Butterfly prints with Red , Black and Yellow paint as we continue with our Aboriginal interest. As it is Science week this was an interesting experience as we are learning about what will happen when we open the paper after we have put the paint on. Elijah had fun as he spent a lot of time with the garage and the small cars on the mat. After we had danced to the Aboriginal music pretending to be animals we then had fun with the Wiggles. Before lunch it was time for our puppet show with Miss Polly and the Monkey friends. Using felts to count with as we sang rhymes and naming colours with the magnet flowers. Five little Pandas were very popular.  It was a wonderful way to end our morning. Have a lovely evening with lot’s of love Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Written by elctoddlers1