Our day in toddlers 1…

Miss Stacey is away on holiday so we have Miss Steph in our class : )

Outside this morning Cooper P showed a great interest in kicking the balls, he was soon joined by Denzel, Joshua and Thomas. To extend on this interest we decided to have an outside day.

Miss Steph made an obstacle course for the children to practice their balancing, climbing and jumping skills. When they got to the end they kicked the ball as hard as they could. Thomas, Cooper P, Cooper, T, Thomas, Denzel, Joshua and Grayson really enjoyed this.

Aristotelis, Casey and Nash preferred to play with the wheelbarrows. Aristotle wanted to collect the balls to place in his wheel barrow. Casey wanted to collect the leaves and bark around the garden to put back into the garden. Nash, of course, was in the sand pit filling his wheelbarrow with sand.

At group time, Thomas wanted to listen to Blippi and Joshua wanted to talk about the firetruck! So we watched a video on firetrucks with Blippi, learning about the gadgets fire men use and what they wear.

Enjoy the photos!

Love Miss Thea and Miss Steph

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Written by elctoddlers1