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Our day….

This morning at activity time Emily and Mia were singing the song “jack be nimble” both girls sang it for each other then they jumped over a “candle stick” made out of wood. Mia had a great time with the stuffed animals at activity time. She lined them up on a chair and talked to her new friends she had made.

Miss Amy and Miss Des’ree introduced 3 nature boxes to the room. Two of them were filled with sea creatures and sand the other was filled with leaves bark flowers, sticks and Dinosaurs. While the toddlers were exploring the nature boxes Miss Amy questioned the toddler about the animals they saw. She explained what some of the animals were when the toddlers were unsure. Vivianne, Michael, Billy, Jairaj and Asha loved the sea creature box they enjoyed using their senses to feel the sand and watching the animals “swim” through the blue crepe paper. Matthais and Michael used their hands to devour the dinosaur box they “roared” with their dinosaurs stomping on the leaves as they used their imagination.

At activity time Jairaj enjoyed his own time in home corner this morning. He explored the home corner ovens, microwaves, plastic foods and cooking utensils he loved having the space to himself to expand on his interests.  

Miss Des’ree arranged a painting activity involving sea creatures to expand on the toddles interest in sea animals and the song slippery fish. We got blue and red paint and Miss Des’ree encouraged the toddlers to paint their favourite sea creature. Mia said she was painting a fish, Mikaela painted an octopus, Emily painted a fish and Matthias painted a dolphin.  

Miss Amy found Emily, Mia, Asha and Jairaj on the mat reading books. Miss Amy decided to intervene and asked the toddlers some questions about the book they were reading. They explained the animals they saw, the noises they made and also the little boys and girls in the books.


MIss Amy and Miss Des’ree

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