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Our day
We welcomed our friends Billy, Matthias, Hollie, Mia, Emily, Jayden, Mikaela, Asha, Vivianne and Michael to our class today. We have all had a very busy day with lots of playing, exploring, singing and cuddles throughout the day.

Miss Jo had set up some climbing and balancing equipment in the yard this morning to encourage coordination and gross motor development. Hollie spent a lot of time climbing over the equipment and eventually attempted to balance on the beam. Hollie was able to walk along the beam independently.

Matthias found some quiet time in the yard to do some digging in the dirt patch. He enjoyed this time on his own and was there for a while. Eventually his buddy Michael arrived and as soon as they found each other in the yard they were zooming around the toy trucks in the yard.

In preparation for Easter Miss Jo has been teaching the toddlers some Easter songs. We have enjoyed singing ‘Sleep Bunnies’ and ‘Little Peter Rabbit’. Miss Jo also brought in some special Easter stories from home and the toddlers listened with intrigue to ‘Going on a Bunny Hunt’.
Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree set up the room for activity time to encourage cooperation and sharing amongst the children. Mikaela, Billy, Vivianne, Matthias, Jayden and Michael did a good job at sharing the pegs and peg boards on the big circle mat. There was a quiet area with bead frames that Emily and Mia enjoyed playing with. Hollie and Asha, with some assistance, did a good job at sharing the plastic circular blocks.

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Thanks for a great Tuesday!!!
Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree