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Our Day…

Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree have had the best day with the toddlers. It started off with a group time experience, Miss Jo introduced a new prop to the class – a frog shaped beanie.  The toddlers found this very funny and watched Miss Jo in amazement as she sang Mr Frog.  Miss Jo encouraged the children to pretend to be frogs too and Mikaela, Emily, Matthias’, Mia and Michael all joined in hopping on the mat like a frog!

The toddlers requested a story at group time too and Miss Jo sang the story Row Your Boat.  Mikaela did a wonderful job at singing along to the first line of the story and sang ‘row row row your boat’ very clearly.  Michael enjoyed pretending to be the monkey in the story and made a really good monkey sound.  Emily, Matthias and Mia did a great job at singing along to the parts of the story that they could remember.

We followed up on our interest in the frogs from our group time experience and Miss Des’ree did some painting and collage with some of the toddlers.  They decorated their very own lily pads for our Mr Frog to jump on!!

During activity time Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree watched with pride as the toddlers played so beautifully with one another and on their own at times.  Michael, Emily and Mia sat in the book area in a little circle reading the books around them.  Talking to themselves and re-telling the stories in their own words.

After activity time we put some dance music on for the toddlers and Jairaj, Mikaela, Jayden, Michael and Matthias’ were all very excited and began moving their bodies to the music.  Emily and Mia were skipping around the classroom together and Vivianne and Asha found it fun to watch their friends dancing!

When we finished burning all our energy we enjoyed some delicious lunch and all the toddlers were ready for bed.

We have a beautiful class

Thank-you toddlers!

Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree


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