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Our Day…..

Today we have Miss Julliani and Miss Des’ree in the toddlers room we started our day off with a group time, Miss Des’ree made sure to sing all the toddlers favorites songs and as always they all participated in:

          3 jelly fish

          Humpty dumpty

          3 rosy apples

          If your happy and you know it

          3 cheeky monkeys

The toddlers have developed very good concentration skills and sit for a good period of time with their educators. Well done!

For activity time today we had the peg boards out Asha, Mikaela, Jayden and Matthais loved poking the pegs in all the holes, while Hollie really enjoyed joining them together one by one, Mia and vivianne used the pegs on their fingers and used them as little finger puppets. Very creative toddlers!

Next Monday is ANZAC day to decorate our room Billy, Mathais, Mia, Vivianne, Mikaela and Emily participated in painted red poppies. Miss Des’ree explained to the toddler as they were painting that ANZAC day is a day to remember all the soldiers.

Over all its been a beautiful day!

DSC00416 DSC00418 DSC00419 DSC00420 DSC00428 DSC00429 DSC00430 DSC00431 DSC00435Thank you Toddler!