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Hello and welcome to the first of a new month and Summer. December is the best time of the year as we celebrate Christmas. Today in the toddler 1 room we were very excited as we were part of the Penguin Pandemonium Christmas show with our toddler 2 friends and Pre Kindy friends. Please enjoy the photos with Jonathan, Zoe, Millie, Tianna, Saxon, Arianna, Leila, Daisy, Ocean, Max and Lazar all really enjoying the singing and dancing. Then Miss Julie called up Millie, Arianna and Jonathan to put the bunny hats on and we all did Hop Little Bunnies very confident. The show was really entertaining for all the children and involved everyone.

After the show Ocean, Tianna, Zoe and Jonathan went to Tumble tots and came back with their new drink bottles and photos. All children will be getting this little package on the day they would normally go. They are really excited about the drink bottles. Miss Rowena had set up the Christmas art and crafts for Lazar, Saxon, Zoe, Max and Jonathan to make their Christmas wreaths using glue, feathers, paper and sequins.

On the mat the train track with the little people and the tool set were other activities of interest. Some dancing to Crazy frog and more Santa Koala with Miss Rowena singing some favourite rhymes before lunch ended an amazing morning in the toddler 1 room. Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXOXXOXOXOXOXO Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday afternoon for our party. Only two sleeps !!!!!!! Take care and see you soon oxoxoxoxxoxoxoox