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Hello and welcome to more to more toddler 1 news as we began our Tuesday  morning with our Art Therapy class as we were happy to see Miss Veronica return and with Miss Mackenzie to take us on a journey into the world of art.  After our story Saxon, Daisy, Max, Ocean, Arianna, Tianna, Millie, Lazar, Leila and Jonathan all enjoyed this experience with orange colored glue and a leaf with pieces of paper they were able to make their own designs. Please enjoy the photos. Jonathan, Tianna and Ocean had Tumble tots this morning.

After morning tea Max went for his photos with his baby brother Hugo. Tianna enjoyed photos with her sister Zoey and Jonathan with his brother Alexander. Saxon and Lazar also went for photos. On the mat the rockets and wooden toys were also popular with our toddler 2 friends. Millie enjoyed some play with the babies. Jonathan loved the new camping tea set and later with Leila enjoyed playing on the little piano. Lazar and Saxon had fun wearing the witches hats and using the buckets.

Miss Rowena brought out the new bouncy light up balls and everyone had fun bouncing them and watching them light up. Great sharing toddlers as you all took turns. Max had fun as he chased after them around the room. Arianna was very happy as she spent time playing with the rocket ship. before lunch we read Dear Zoo the book that Jonathan had brought in for his favourite story. Thank you and we always love sharing your books with you. Yummy pasta for lunch and everyone really enjoyed this with lot’s of extra bowls.

There is a Halloween invitation in your child’s bag to remind you about our special Halloween dress up and activity week Monday 26th -Friday 30th October. Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXOXXOXOXO