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Our day

There were lots of activities going on during play time. Asha thoroughly enjoyed home corner she had the whole area to herself. She placed corn in a bowel and mixed it with her hand.

During activity time Emily made stepping stones with the wooden logs. When she was happy with her design she called for her friend Mia to come join her. Mia happily followed her friends instructions about stepping on the wooden blocks  and they played follow the leader.

Mia, Mikaela, Asha and Jairaj made a cubby house with the tunnel and a green blanket. Together they hid from Miss Des’ree and Miss Jade- they all got excited and squeeled with delightwhen Miss Des’ree yelled “boo!” from the sides

Miss Jade lead the group time this morning the toddlers all sat wonderfully for her and listened to her songs today we sung:

–         Twinkle little star

–         ABC’s

–         5 cheeky monkeys jumping on the be

–         5 little toddler rolling over

Miss Jade also read the Hungry caterpillar. When Miss Jade opened the first page most of the toddlers shouted and pointed out the beautiful moon in the illustrations. Today we decided to develop their interests in the moon and stars.We collected lots of glitter and the toddlers painted yellow stars with a beautiful blue moon.

It has been a lovely day today in the Toddler’s room. Everyone was having a great time and playing very well with each other. We are looking forward to an fun-filled afternoon in the Toddler’s yard.

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