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Our day…
A happy little group today in the Toddlers room with our friends Jayden, Mia, Hollie, Billy, Matthias, Michael, Vivianne, Amber, Emily and Asha joining us.
We have had beautiful listening, happy faces and cooperative play which has made for a great day.
Our day began outdoors with lots of different equipment set up in the yard to encourage play and exploration. Miss Jo set up a drawing activity outside on the veranda using an empty box. The toddlers were encouraged to re-use the box as a canvas for their drawing. Mia and Emily enjoyed being able to be creative on the box!
We have also shown quite a lot of interest in nature and the herb garden and Hollie was a great helper this morning, watering the herb garden. Miss Jo picked some basil, lemon myrtle and mint leaves and encouraged the children to smell the different scents.
Miss Jo set up a table with some collage materials and glue sticks and encouraged the toddlers to make their very own Easter hats. Billy, Amber, Asha, Matthias, Vivianne, Hollie, Mia and Emily all enjoyed being creative and gluing the different items onto their hats and then quickly peeling them off!!
We have had quite the musical day today with the children really enjoying singing opportunities and music and movement throughout the day. While outside this morning Miss Jo sang the sleeping bunny song and Matthias, Emily, Mia, Hollie and Asha enjoyed participating in the actions with some of their Toddler 2 friends. After activity time we did some more dancing to The Wiggles and Vivianne, Billy, Michael and Amber had fun joining in.
Thanks for a fun day Toddlers.
Miss Jo and Miss Tara

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