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Our Day…………

We have had a super busy day today with our friends Matthias, Michael, Vivianne, Mikaela, Jayden, Billy, Hollie, Mia, Asha and Emily.

We welcomed Michael’s twin sister Vivianne to the class today. Vivianne has had a wonderful first day in the Toddler’s Room. She has bonded well with her educators – giving lots of cuddles throughout the day. Vivianne has enjoyed exploring in her new play environment and socialising with her new friends.

Miss Jo encouraged all the toddlers to do a pencil drawing today so that they could work on their eye-hand coordination and pencil grips. Everybody did a great job at taking a turn to draw on the paper. We have some right handed and left handed drawers and we are all working on a grips. Emily especially enjoyed this activity. She spent quite some time being creative on her piece of paper.

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Mikaela, Emily, Asha and Mia did a lot of role playing today with the dolls, dress ups and home corner equipment. They used their own initiative to play and explore with the home corner equipment – cooking, eating, etc. Mikaela especially enjoyed the baby dolls and nursed one all morning. Emily, Asha and Mia loved dressing up. For part of the morning Mia was a roaring lion.

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Hollie and Michael had their dancing feet on today and immediately stopped what they were doing when they heard Rock A Bye Bear come on the CD player. Hollie knew all the actions and giggled as she danced. Michael enjoyed bopping up and down to the music.

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Billy enjoyed some solitary play with the blocks during activity time. He found the large blocks and was eager to build with them. He used the toy shelf as his base and began putting the blocks all over the top of the toy shelf.

Thanks for an awesome day toddlers.
See you tomorrow
Miss Jo & Miss Des’ree