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Our Day…

Toddlers 1 have had a great start to the week, after our play outside we came in for some group time with Miss Jo, as always the toddlers loved participating in Miss Jo’s group times Miss Jo read a couple of stories was very impressed with how well the children sat for the long stories.  We read, ‘The Lamington Man’ – a story with rhyming and lots of repetition.  Emily, Mia, Matthias and Hollie were all very vocal during the story, identifying what they could see.  At the end of the story Miss Jo asked some questions to get the children to think about what they just heard.

After stories on the mat Miss Des’ree and Miss Jo did some colouring with the toddlers we used pencils and texters  as our drawing utensils. All the toddlers got a turn at utilizing the drawing equipment and loved independently picking their favorite colours. While the toddlers were drawing Miss Des’ree was asking the toddlers what colour they were holding and which colours they wanted next, most of the children were able to identify their colours! Well done!

After activity time Miss Jo sang some songs using the finger puppets.  The toddlers requests the puppets all the time and they have memorized a lot of the songs.

We sang:

  • The rainbow song
  • Incy Wincy Spider
  • Two Little Yellow Birds
  • If Your happy and you know it
  • Daddy finger

Over all Miss Jo, Miss Des’ree and the toddlers have enjoyed a fantastic day!

Thankyou toddler!DSC00481 DSC00488 DSC00491 DSC00497