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Our day….

Another great day in the toddlers room! Mr Blair was in our class today he brought with him lots of cuddles and fun activities for the toddlers to explore. During activity time Mr Blair made playdough with the toddlers using measuring cups and spoons he re-enacted real life experiences, explaining to the children how many cups of flour, water and oil to use. All the toddlers watched and listed to Mr Blair they were very interested in making playdough. Mia commented that she wanted to make the playdough pink and all of her friends agreed on pink playdough. When we finished making the playdough Emily and Matthais loved molding the mixture into cookies, while Vivianne,  Blaise ,Hollie and Asha explored the feel of the playdough in their hands squishing  in on the table and rolling it up. Mr Blair, Matthias and Jayden rolled the playdough into long snakes ! hisssss. It was a very fun activity time great playing toddlers!


This morning Miss Des’ree did group time with the toddlers we sang all the toddlers favorite songs to get them involved and participating, this morning’s songs  were:

–          3 cheeky moneys

–          If your happy and you know it

–          3 rosy apples

–          Galumph

The toddler’s favorite song of the day was Miss Des’ree’s version of happy and you know it.

“if you happy and you know it – clap your hands

If your angry and you know it – stop your feet

If your scared and you know it – do a scream (toddlers love this one!)

If your hungry and you know know it- rub your belly

If your tired and you know it – do a yawn

If your happy and you know it- do a laugh!”

Over all t the toddlers have had a fantastic day, playing, exploring, growing and learning

Thank-you toddlers

Miss Des’ree and Mr Blair