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DSC02066 DSC02047 Our day in toddlers 1 …!
Thank you to everyone who came to the Christmas party and helped, it was wonderful to see so many families join us on our Christmas party! We hope you all enjoyed your Christmas presents from your children!
Today the children had an extended play outside in the yard, unfortunately it was very warm, so the children were encouraged to play in the shade and drink lots of water.
Miss Zara made a train on the veranda with the children, they all loved this! Harrison, Nevaeh, Oliva and Willow enjoyed sharing and playing with friends from toddler 2.
Charlotte and Sara liked to read the touch and read books called “That’s not my…”. They enjoyed the sensory part of the books.
At group time we practiced our Santa Koala and talked to the children about who is coming to visit this afternoon, they were all excited to hear that Santa was coming! We also talked about sharing with our friends and how we need to use our words. Miss Thea also talked about car safety with the children, having involved conversations with everyone about why we don’t run, take our seat belts off or to be silly in the car park.
The children all had a turn at climbing or bouncing on the net. Harrison, Sahara, Olivia, Nevaeh, Willow, Sara and Charlotte are very confident at climbing all the way to the top and touching the roof. Great job Poppy and Amelia at defeating your fears and jumping on the net!

Love Miss Thea and Miss Nita
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Written by elctoddlers1

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