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Our day……….

Miss Amy and Miss Des’ree have done a little renovating in the toddlers room. We brought back the home corner to investigate some new interests. We had the baby baskets, play food, plates cups, and toy babies for the toddlers to explore.

The toddlers loved exploring the new play areas and it is evident that the toddler really enjoy playing in the new home area. Vivianne, Michael and Matthias were interested in the cooking area, they opened and closed the oven and microwave placing “food” inside and taking it out. Billy, Asha, Mia, Mikaela and Emily were at the table investigating the cutlery, plates and cupcakes pretending to eat them and cut the food up.


After our morning tea the toddlers were invited to a special animal show. The event educated children on respect for pets and wild life. The toddlers did very good listening when Miss Des’ree informed the toddlers about the show and that we had to walk there quietly and follow their teachers to the big kids yard. Everyone in the class did a great job at tip towing to the stage area and sitting down. Vivianne and Michael were the best supporters they really enjoyed the dancing and singing of the big dog and cat. During the show Matthias, Billy, Mia and Emily also joined in on the festivity putting their hands up, smiling and giggling.

Before lunch we had a small play outside. When we came in the toddlers demonstrated good hygiene by using the soap, rinsing their hands and drying it without their educators help. Well Done!

Over all its been a great day !

Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy-jo

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