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Hello and welcome to Happy Tuesday with the toddler 1 room. Well another hot day and even after the rain still not cooler. This morning Miss Rowena had put out some paper and pens for drawing. Zoe, Ocean, Daisy and Millie all enjoyed this activity at the table. Max had fun as he was pushed around in the pram. Saxon was running with the balls after he had enjoyed some snacks. Tianna spent time with the dolls pram as she went for a walk over the bridge. Jonathan was very strong as he carried the dinosaur and the pony. Lazar was happy to see friends Saxon and Ocean when he arrived and Arianna enjoyed some biscuits on her arrival. Leila we loved your Christmas hat that you arrived wearing. Leila enjoyed dancing to the Crazy frog music with Zoe.

Tumble tots today for Ocean, Zoe, Jonathan and Tianna. On the mat Max and Lazar showed an interest with the puzzles. Arianna enjoyed some chalk drawing and Daisy was very helpful at cleaning them boards later. Thank you. Daisy had set up a little picnic area with the Christmas puppets. The pull along wooden stacking activities on the mat were also very popular with Saxon and Millie.

Before morning tea we had sang our Good Morning song and Days of the week. Before lunch we listened to Hush Little Possum as we looked at the beautiful pictures. Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue and Miss Rowena XOOXOXOX  A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO TIANNA’S FAMILY FOR THE GIFTS TO ALL THE CHILDREN IN OUR TODDLER 1 ROOM THEY WERE SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS . THANK YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOUR FAMILY OXOXXOXOXO