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Our Day

The toddlers have had a beautiful day together, there was lots of social interactions going on; and as the children are getting to know one another they are also creating special bonds together.

This morning the toddler were mostly in groups of two. Mikaela and Hollie played Mummy’s to the plastic babies and dolls, they were rocking the babies and patting the dolls to bed. Matthias and Michael were very busy boys choreographing their very own dance moves, Matthias was running on the spot while Michael decided to bob up and down next to him. Great dance moves boys!

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Mia and Emily explored the new stuffed toys that were donated laughing and spinning them around. Michael and Asha read books in book corner flicking through the pages looking at the different illustrations and playing with the secret flaps in the books. Jayden and Emily loved the sensory finger painting that Miss Jo set up, todays colors were pink and purple. The two spent a good period of time as painters. Billy and Matthias found special little blue and red trucks together they were “vrooming” them around the tables, floor and mats.

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Miss Des’ree and Miss Jo have been reminding and encouraging the toddlers to use gentle hands at kindy and to apologise when they hurt one of their friends. As a strategy we are explaining and showing the children what gentle hands feel like e.g. hugs and soft strokes. Today Miss Jo sang “if your happy and you know it” with a little twist we also sang “ if your gentle and you know it gently pat a friend” the toddlers did a great job at mirroring the actions! We would love it if parents could also encourage this at home too.

For group time Miss Des’ree brought out Miss Jo’s special puppets that all the toddlers enjoy singing along to. They are starting to memorise songs and frequently join in to sing. The children really responded to the song the “3 rosy apples”.

“Three rosy apples hanging in the tree
Three rosy apples looking at me
I shook that tree as hard as I could
Down came the apple
Hmmmmm it was good”


Thank for a great day toddlers!!!