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Toddlers 1 Learning Story
Tuesday February 9th 2016
We have had lots of little explorers today in the Toddlers room and we have witnessed lots of socialization initiated by the children.
Asha and Mia sat together on the mat and communicated verbally and non-verbally as they played with the wooden blocks together. Asha and Mia giggled at each other as they tipped all the blocks out of the container and onto the mat. They then proceeded to pass the blocks to one another and used them to stack one on top of the other.
When Matthias arrived he noticed the big toy garbage trucks outside and walked over to the door pointing at them. Miss Jo asked him, ‘Do you want to play with that truck?’ Matthias had a big smile on his face as Miss Jo went to get him the truck. Billy also wanted to play with a truck so Miss Jo got him one too. Billy and Matthias then both raced around the classroom pushing the trucks around.
Miss Des’ree set up a fun textural activity for the toddlers to investigate and explore with. Holli and Mia were very excited to use their hands to push the paint in the plastic zip lock bags. They enjoyed seeing the colours mix together in the bags.
Mikaela and Jayden were both a little sad at drop off. Mikaela was a very sweet cousin and helped Jayden settle down. They both enjoyed playing in home corner where they did some cooking and also playing with the toy trucks.

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