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Our day…

Today with the Toddlers, we have had so much fun. The children were playing very well with each other with many happy smiles on their faces.

Beginning our morning in the yard, we were all so calm and playing nicely with one another. The weather was not too hot with the sun hiding away behind the clouds. This made the environment more pleasurable for the children to play in. Outside, Mia enjoyed playing with the obstacle course that was set up outside. Billy enjoyed pushing the trucks back and forth the yard and leaning up against the fence to watch all the various types of transportation drive past the kindy.

Inside, during activity time, Miss Des’ree set up paints and glitter for the children to create love bugs. Miss Des’ree painted the children’s hands with red paint and pressed them on the sheets of paper. The children then added glitter to their beautiful work. Nearly everyone in the room had created one of these bugs. Chloe, Asha and Amber enjoyed this activity very much.

Within activity time, Matthias and Mr Lachie were dancing along to the music that was playing. Soon, Hollie and Mia joined in with the dancing too. The children were having so much fun, with everyone laughing. In book corner, Jayden and Mikaela were reading books. Together, they were sharing books and looking at all the pictures.

After we had activity time, we gathered together on the mat with Mr Lachie for group time. The children sang many songs such as, ‘If You’re Happy and You Know it, ‘Miss Mary Mack’ and ‘Slippery Fish.’ The children were all so engaged in Mr Lachie’s engaging singing voice. The children were all smiling and joining along.

Such a great morning today with these children. The children are slowly settling in and becoming more comfortable in this environment.