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Our Day….

Its bee a great Wednesday in the toddlers room! This morning the toddlers were very busy exploring the outside yard today we had various activities set up:

–          Balancing beams

–          Mud Kitchen

–          Books

–          Balls

–          Trucks

And lots lots more! Mia, Matthais and Hollie played 3 Cheeky monkeys jumping on the bed, using the balancing beam they all jumped off the balancing beams and on to the soft mats. Amber, Chloe, Matthais  and Billy loved being chased by Miss Des’ree the monster, around the yard, hiding then running away!

After all the excitement and fun the toddler then came inside for group time. Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy have noticed some of our friends coughing. So at group time today Miss Des’ree and the toddlers talked about germs and the correct way to cough, with the toddler we all practiced how to cough in our elbows. Great work toddlers!


After our group time , Miss Amy made some pink playdough to keep all the toddlers busy. Together as a group we measured the flour, oil , cream of tartar and salt. All the toddlers had a turn measuring and adding ingredients to the mix. Miss Amy added some home corner toys to the playdough table to investigate some interests. It was great to see Jayden and Mikaela interested in making and creating assorted foods on a tray. Chloe loved putting playdough in a bowel and mixing it. Billy took it apart and assembled his play dough with spoons and forks. Hollie and Joseph enjoyed cutting it up into little tiny pieces.


Over all we have had a beautiful day

Thankyou toddlers!DSC00624 DSC00756 DSC00759 DSC00760 DSC00761 DSC00765 DSC00768 DSC00769 DSC00772 DSC00774