September 11, 2019 Toddlers 1 No Comments

Hello and Welcome to Happy Wednesday at the windy hills. As we began our morning the children were excited as they watched the garbage man coming to take away the rubbish. Murray had brought his special transport book in that we read at group time. The pictures are amazing. We also read a favourite Roray the racing car book. Before morning tea we read stories with our Toddler 2 friends. Lola and Jasmine enjoyed sitting on the fort as Lola enjoyed her banana. Evie, Noah and Toby were happy to be racing around on their bikes. Emily had fun as she was throwing her bunny in the air to try and catch him. Miss Rowena had set the veranda up with some chalk drawing that Leon, Termeh and Toanj with Jordie all enjoyed.

Gymnastics for Toby, Termeh, Toanj, Emily and Evie. Murray spent time putting the red bike onto the yellow bike just like he was towing a trailer. Great job. Miss Rowena got ready the paper plates, yellow paint and feathers to make our chickens as we celebrate spring time. Please enjoy the photos. Jasmine, Toby, Lola, Noah and Leon were all very busy. Jordie had fun on the mat with the cars and garage. Before lunch Miss Danna joined us as we danced to the Wiggles. More stories and some favourite songs as we sang our hand washing song before we all enjoyed our lunch. Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXO THE TEDDY BEARS PICNIC INVITATIONS ARE BEING GIVEN OUT !!!!!!!!!!!! SO IF YOU GO DOWN TO THE WOODS TODAY YOUR SURE OF A BIG SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!

Written by elctoddlers1