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Our day….

Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy have re – designed the class room to incorporate more of the outdoor environment and bring it inside for the children to explore. They have had a great time learning about the different outdoor elements found in the world they live in such as: wood (used as stepping stones), Sand (in our sea life buckets) and leaves in our dinosaur enclosure!

This morning in the yard Mia, Billy and Asha were having so much fun trying to hunt for butterflies in the garden so we decided to paint butterflies using pink, blue, orange and yellow. Miss Des’ree would then fold the paper in half and the children would smoosh it all together to create beautiful butterfly wings. She then held some glitter and encouraged the children to work together and sprinkle it over their art.

After out morning play  Miss Amy was using the new felt tree and apples to sing ’10 red apples swaying in the tree’ each time an apple was taken off the tree she then asked the children how many apples were left? Together they counted pointing with their fingers and then at the end held up their hands to show how many were left using their fingers – what great counting everyone!

At activity time Mia noticed that Emily was feeling tired and wanting to play a quiet activity so she gathered pillows together and a blanket and tucked Emily under a blanket and began to pat her  – how caring Mia, you are too cute!

Miss Des’ree introduced new wooden stepping stones to the toddler’s room which Mia, Billy, Joseph, Chloe and Mikaela took a great interest in. While Mikaela was trying to climb across she stepped off and landed in the pretend goo! Miss Amy helped her up and encouraged her to try again but this time holding Miss Amy’s hand. Mikaela made it all the way across – well done!

Joseph, Billy, Chloe and Matthias were having such a wonderful time stacking the wooden stepping stones up and seeing how high they would go before they began to wobble. Together they all added a stone each and managed to get the whole stack to stay standing. Billy was very excited about this achievement and yelled “WOAH”

Amber, Asha, Lucas and Mia discovered the gaps in the top of the reflection tunnel and were having a blast picking up the colourful stacking blocks and throwing them through the gaps to see if they would disappear and where they were going. It was great seeing them learn all about the outcomes of cause and effect – what great experimenting and playing you guys!  

Over all its been a great day

Thankyou Toddlers!

Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy-jo


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