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Our day…

Miss Des’ree and Miss Jade have had a lovely day in the toddlers room. It’s a special day in the toddlers room. Today we celebrated Lucas’ 2nd birthday! Happy Birthday Lucas! For group time Miss Jade, Miss Des’ree and all the toddlers sang the birthday song for our special friend.

 This morning Billy, Mia, Hollie and Emily we’re very interested in the cement truck they saw across the road. Billy pointed and said “big truck” Mia and Emily asked “what it doing?”. Miss Des’ree explained that the workers were making a pathway for people to walk on. They all watched until the truck went home.

 After our play outside we came inside and sat on the mat ready for songs. Insy wincy spider was the favourite song at group time ALL of the toddlers sang along and helped the spider climb up the spout. The toddlers did such a great job at singing that we sang insy wincy twice! Beautiful singing toddlers.

For our art activity some of the children created a sun. this week we are promoting sun-safety educating the children that before we go outside to play we need hats and sunscreen.

We had delicious pizza for lunch today, for something different we decided to have our pizza picnic inside near our family garden. The toddlers did great sitting and enjoyed gobbling down all the pizzas and helped themselves to thirds!

Over all the day has been great thank you toddlers!

Miss Des’ree and Miss Jade