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Our day…

It all started with Miss Des’ree’s group time, the  toddlers sung lots of songs as they all have a favorite they want to sing and share. Mia asked for the dinosaur song, after that three other friends called out for Humpty Dumpty, then Matthais called out for some cheeky monkeys and the whole class asked for Insy, winsy spider,  last  of all sung five current buns which Amber, Asha and Jayden loved! To finish the group time Billy requested for Miss Jo’s cat books. Great listeners!

After our group time Miss Amy expanded on the toddlers interest in Incy Wincy Spider, with the toddlers hands she painted them black and made their very own insy winsy spider. Asha, Chloe, Lucas and Matthais loved getting their hands painted and using their sensory skills.

On another table Jayden, Amber and Asha enjoyed piecing puzzle pieces together  observing the animals and dinosaurs. Joseph has a new found interest in the cars and vans he moved them around the room pressing their buttons and watching them move.

That past two days the toddlers have loved dancing before lunch. Miss Amy and Miss Des’ree thought it would be a great idea to have a disco for our little groovers! We closed the curtains and shut the lights, Miss Des’ree brought in some special strobe lights to colour our room with different colours.

Matthais, Emily, Chloe, Lucas, Billy, Jayden, Mikaela, Asha, Joseph, Mia and Amber loved the lights and dancing to our mix tape. The toddlers can bob, jump and move their hips like professionals!

 Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy have had a wonderful day with the toddlers!