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Hello and welcome to happy Wednesday as we are half way into another fun filled week and the second month of winter. Miss Rowena is having some holidays at the moment and Miss Alex joined us this morning. Miss Bea also came into our room and we all enjoyed some dancing to the Wiggles. Welcome back to Samuel who has been away for a few weeks who went to Tumble tots with Miss Kate and really enjoyed this experience. George was all smiles as he was ready to race on the red bike. Earlier in the morning Tianna enjoyed some stories with Miss Rose. Jules, Onyx and Saxon spent time with the wooden activities, the Ferris wheel, Rocket and the car ramp. Please enjoy the photos.

Yummy morning tea that was Mango jelly and fruit was very popular and wow so was the Fish pie at lunch time. Great eating toddler 1 room. The lego blocks was another activity that the children really enjoyed on the mat. Ocean and Tianna spent time with the soft toys. Millie loved the dolls house with the little people and furniture. Joaquim was happy as he arrived with his green truck to show his friends. On the veranda before lunch there were some bike races and today everyone was a winner!!!

Thank you toddler 1 for helping to make our beds today. Great job and then we were ready for Miss Alex to read some stories. The Wonky Donkey and Easter party. Miss Alex had also been asking the children to match the colors of the small balls. Thank you to Onyx for your weekend sheet and for sharing this with us. What fun to have played in the mud and going to the football to watch the Suns. Miss Sue is a Blues girl so she will bring in her singing Blues bear!!!!! PLEASE SEE OUR WEEKEND SHEETS ON THE FRONT WINDOW AND TODAY WE HAVE DISPLAYED OUR PHOTOS OF OUR ADVENTURES OVER THE LAST MONTH. Have a lovely evening and keep warm with love from Miss Sue, Miss Alex and Miss Bea OXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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