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Our day…


Miss Amy, Miss Des’ree and the toddlers have had a great day together once again! Miss Amy did group time this morning. She brought out the mystery Box and out came:

– baa baa black sheep

– slippery fish

– wriggly worm

–  3 dinosaurs!

All the children were captivated during Miss Amy’s group time she had them laughing with surprise and excitement.

Out in the yard this morning in the yard Billy wanted to play on the bikes. Miss Des’ree encouraged Billy to ask one of his friends if he could have a turn, Billy walked up to Mia and asked “Billy’s turn?”. Mia happily hopped off the bike and gave it to her friend. Great communicating toddlers!

For today’s art we continued and expanded on yesterday’s activity on reconciliations week. Miss Amy thought of another great cultural art activity that involved cotton bud painting on a boomerang.

Mia, Billy, Mikaela, Emily and Joseph all enjoyed and were very proud of their boomerang art work. The toddlers exercised their fine motor skills and loved the cultural colours.

Today we extended on Asha’s interest in stickers. Miss Des’ree designed a collaging activity with stickers. All the toddlers loved pulling the stickers off on their own and exploring the different textures, Billy, Lucas, Mikaela, Matthais, Asha Joseph, Emily and Mia all created a collage.

Over all we have been happy, smiling and growing!

Miss Amy and Miss Des’ree



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